Welcome to Radio ProgRock, an internet only progressive rock broadcast based out of Austin, TX. USA, the live music capitol of the world.

The Austin, TX Prog Scene is very active and we will be showcasing a lot of the local talent here to the far reaches of the planet. So come in and listen to the old classics you know, the new soon to be favorites and also some great Texas prog bands you may have never heard before. You will be pleasantly surprised.

February band of the month

Crocodile is an Austin TX based progressive rock band formed (in the classic style of Gentle Giant, Genesis, Jethro Tull and PFM) to perform and record an album called “His Name Is Stan And He’s A Bad Motherfu**er”.

Crocodile is a band full of energy and creativity. You can hear their Texas roots in their bluesy guitar work but the music goes far beyond that. This album is a fun, whimsical look at life that forms an instant connect with the listener as you the composer's story unfold. Crocodile is an amazing live band as well and if you ever get the chance to catch them in the Austin, TX area, by all means do not miss it. Their new album will be released on Feb 23rd and launched with an album release party at Mohawk in Austin.

Crocodile's website can be found at https://crocodileatx.com and their album can be purchased at their release party. I will update here with ways to buy digital copies online soon.

Radio ProgRock announces new show!

In another dimension, Baron Mind is a brain in a jar cranking out amazing music 24-7. You can now tune into this via the magic of internet radio! Check it out every Thursday starting Feb 1st at 7pm CST.

January 2018 Texas Prog Showcase

Opposite Day

Opposite Day is a progressive rock band formed in 2001 in Austin, TX. They specialize in dense jigsaw-puzzle art-pop songs that leverage agressive instrumentation, jazz complexity, and absurdist lyrics to create what they call “Educational Art-Rock for Animals”. They’ve self-produced about 10 albums thus far, mostly on their Future Banana Replacement label. They have been voted a top 10 experimental and/or punk band in the Austin Chronicle most years of their existence and have continued to push the boundaries rock thoughout their career. They like to drive up to Kansas and places like that to play shows. They all have cats.

Their website is http://oppositeday.com and you can buy their music at https://oppositedayatx.bandcamp.com/

Their latest album entitled I Calculate Great can be heard here at Radio ProgRock.

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