About Us

Radio ProgRock is an internet-only radio station consisting of prog music from over 5 decades. This station is owned and operated by me, Jerry George, the original founder of ProgRock.com. After a 3 year hiatus from running a station, I've decided to enter the realm once again and concentrate on having fun with this as an enjoyable hobby. Thus, the cute mascot Lola, the Prog Dog. She's the virtual side of my real dog and she's every bit the personality you see in the logo. She has listened to a lot of prog music with me over the years. I always know when she doesn't like what I m playing when she gets up and leaves the room. :)

What you won't see here at Radio ProgRock is pretentious attitudes about what is prog and what isn't. You will hear the best that prog has to offer in many different subgenres. Bottom line is if I like it, I play it.

I have been collecting progressive rock music for almost 40 years and have quite the varied taste. You won't hear it all on here, not on the main playlist that is. I will have some shows set up to deal with the many different subgenres labeled under "progressive rock", but most of it should be available for request from our playlist page.

We are based out of Austin, TX. USA, the live music capital of the world so we are very involved in our local thriving prog community. We have a TON of it in our playlist and you can hear it as well during out Texas Prog Lunch Hour every day. So come on in and enjoy the music. Drop me a line if you are so inclined. I would love to hear from you.

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