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Radio ProgRock to complete it's mission on providing high quality music without advertisements!

To our listeners:

First of all, we would like to thank all of you, our dedicated listeners, for making our small radio program one of the fastest growing stations on the internet and being such a positive community. In fact, we are growing at a record pace and we have had to upgrade our broadcasting license twice in less than two months.

Unfortunately, because of our rapid growth, we have been experiencing what we like to call “growing pains”. With these added expenses, it has become difficult to be able to produce our content for you with the strict budget we have. That’s where you guys come in. In order to be able to continue accommodating for as many listeners as we are getting, I decided to create a PayPal link where our fans and listeners can donate as they please to keep our radio show going. Personally, I believe that this is a better option than commercializing and monetizing our station and community.

When I started this station, I imagined a place where listeners could listen to our show as they please, and with the help of other listeners donating at their own will, I believe this will be possible. In hindsight, I can’t believe how fast our station has grown, but the love and support you, as a community, have given us seems to be a key factor to how our exposure has spread like a wildfire.

So, if you would like, I encourage you to use the PayPal link above to donate whatever you would like to or can, no donation is too small-- even just a dollar or two. Also, do not worry, a donation is not required to listen to our station in high quality like some other stations out there.

Thank you for all of the support in the past and I look forward to continuing to bring you the best listening experience possible.


Jerry George - Program Director

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